ATELIER SHANTANU AUTADE evolved as a studio, which believes in the process of synthesis by virtue of understanding, analyzing and finding roots of the place to evolve new genre of spaces. We believe every project is an outcome of a methodological understanding about crafts, ethnicity, ways of construction, availability of material and spirit of a place.
The tapestry of architecture is conceived as an open canvas on which many creators show their artistry, which defines a role of an architect as a threshold between a fantasy and reality. Our studio contemplates both art and métier
The studio works actively with local craftsmen to develop and refine construction details and methods of building that are relevant, sustainable, and founded on local knowledge. The practice is simultaneously engaged with a diverse range of clients, including governmental and non-governmental agencies and private clients, and institutions.

We search for an innovative and timeless solution every time by examining each situation within its cultural and contextual definitions.
We believe in innovative solutions,
We believe in architecture with time (movement).
We believe in diversity.
We believe in phenomenon.

We seek... to capture roots of the place.
We seek... a reality check before we face our clients.
We seek... to uplift the humanity.
We seek… knowledge.

We search... memory (folk stories).
We search... generic essence.
We search... colours.

We search...relation between architecture and nature.

Certain considerations are paramount in our understanding of our work...